Pelletterie GIUDI was created thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders: the cousins Mario and Adriano Pennacchioni. Their love for high quality materials has led this brand to the success both in local and international market: the brand has been constantly and gradually grown for over 35 years.

In 1974,when members were just 25 years old, they founded company Pelletterie ADANI S.n.c.

The small working room was located in a little garage in the Marche area (manufacturing district in central Italy) and, respecting the best Italian tradition, by close family members workers.

In 1980, due to a growing demand for a distinguished product and the need for a bigger production space, members founded the new company Pelletterie GIUDI S.r.l.

They built a large factory and hired highly qualified staff specialized in the creation and production of a product worthy of being appreciated all around the world.

The research of materials was the challenge of the early years.

The ‘90s, instead, were decisive for planning and production thanks to an extremely high level and a very close-knit staff which is today one of the company’s strongest part.

To increase the sales network, both local and international, were opened two new branches: the first one in the North-East of Italy, exactly in Jesolo (close to Venice); the second one in Budapest, where was created a society just for working directly for the Hungarian and East Europe market.

At the end of the ‘90s a new plant were created close to the existent one in order to increase the production and quickly satisfy the customers requirements.

In 2000s, together with the security and the solidity that it has been acquired over the years, the Company decided to became better known by opening some new one-brand stores in the most important Italian cities and by taking part at the most prestigious national and international trade fairs.

The GIUDI’s goal is to expand its sales network as well as satisfy the customers requirements following their changes and their habits.



Realize an Italian product with an excellent price-quality ratio (midrange) manteining the details and the design of a luxury brand.

Combine its own style and identity with elegance and high quality taste.

Identify the brand as a contemporary idea of elegance for everyday, wearable and never excessive.

Guarantee to the customers a fast replenishment of products through storage of goods.

Provide the consumers a longlife product that will live on over time and totally satisfying.

A mission focused on customer’s satisfaction and on the creation of its own sales network in Italy and all around the world: these are the main targets of GIUDI’s Company for the next years.



All products are realized with a mix of tradition and modernity, creativity and high quality materials.

All the products could be worn in the everyday life, for leisure, for work ,for small trip during week-end and for long journeys too.

Pelletterie GIUDI aims to customers, both men and women, with an obvious taste for the contemporary elegance.

Production ranges from the practical bags for the daily routine, to business attach case and briefcase with matching organizer, purse and wallet, to travel suitcase and suitcase trolley.

All products are certified by the “VERA PELLE ITALIANA” consortium (real Italian leather).



All the products are realized with leather tanned with natural essences without using toxic substances that can be harmful for the humanity and for the environment.

A completely natural and high quality leather, still worked today according to the dictates of the most ancient and noble Italian tradition that is bound to become even more beautiful with the passage of time.

Top leather of GIUDI is the VACCHETTA (cow hide): very high quality leather made by the best Italian tannery located in Tuscany.

In research for accessoires, attention is given to the smallest details.

Brass and steel are treated to prevent their deterioration over time.

The forms are a compromise between elegance and practicality, exploiting craftsmanship experience and secrets learnt over the course of the years.

All the accessoires are personalized giving to the same an added value, synonymous with reliability and safety.

All accessoires are designed by our staff (autocad pictures/prototype/final realization) by 3D modeling software.

Before going on final production, all accessoires must pass special tests for approval of design and features by realizing a prototype in special resin. Only after approval will start series production.



Even if the technology and the innovation go on, people experience and intelligence are always the key of success and the most precious resource.

Our desire is to enhance human resources to create a path of mutual growth.

We want to go beyond, we want to accept new challenges in traditional markets too, which are increasingly competitive, offering products always more unique and special with the best value for money.

“ We try everyday to pass through our products, all the passion we made to create them”. 


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