The GIUDI voucher can be purchased at GIUDI stores in Brixen, Meran, Naturns, Sterzing, Kaltern and Kastelruth, hereinafter referred to as GIUDI stores or GIUDI stores, and cannot be purchased online. It allows you to purchase any product from the collection sold at GIUDI stores as identified above, excluding the purchase of another voucher and ancillary services such as tailoring. The GIUDI voucher cannot be used to purchase products on the internet or at the Morrovalle (MC) outlet. The GIUDI voucher can be purchased through the forms of payment allowed in GIUDI stores but not through the use of other discount vouchers, gift vouchers, gift cheques or Gift Cards. The GIUDI voucher is valid and usable only after payment of the amount corresponding to the voucher. The GIUDI voucher can be sold in any amount, subject to payment being traced in accordance with the limits imposed by Italian law. The GIUDI purchase voucher can be used immediately after its issue. At the moment of the purchase the customer will receive a purchase receipt according to the DPR 633/1972, to be kept, with the indication of the amount. The invoice will be issued only upon request of the customer before the payment. The amount corresponding to the GIUDI purchase voucher does not bear interest and cannot be converted into cash or credited to a credit card. The GIUDI voucher can be given to anyone as a gift as it is a bearer, it can be used in all GIUDI stores (regardless of where it was purchased) by anyone in possession of it. The GIUDI voucher can only be used once and therefore any residue determined by the difference between the value of the voucher and the amount of the purchase can neither be refunded nor used in a subsequent purchase. The bearer of the GIUDI voucher must show it at the cash desk before payment. As the voucher is anonymous and to the bearer, GIUDI shall not be liable in case of theft, loss or damage. In the event of theft, loss or damage, the voucher cannot be blocked or replaced, nor can its credit be refunded or transferred to another voucher.


The purchase of the GIUDI voucher cannot be returned or refunded (it being understood that the commercial policies of returns and refunds applicable in store apply to purchases made with the Gift Card). The GIUDI Gift Card is valid for 12 (twelve) months from the date of its activation, as also reported on the voucher indicating the expiry date of the same. At the expiry of the term, it will no longer be possible to use the voucher as a form of payment and will not give rise to a refund or return in any form. Any claim relating to the use of the Giudi voucher may be sent by letter to GIUDI COM S.R.L., via R. Sanzio 3/A - 62010 Morrovalle (MC) or by PEC at The purchase of the voucher implies the acceptance of the conditions of use which are published on the website and available at the points of sale. The use of the purchase voucher is subject to Italian law.


The GIUDI voucher purchased at the Morrovalle (MC) Outlet store can be used only at the same store.


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