1) Recipients of the Charter

The GIUDI CARD is the free loyalty card intended exclusively for customers of Pelletterie GIUDI s.r.l., hereinafter "Issuer". The card can be issued to all final consumers with residence both in Italy and abroad.


2) What is the Giudi Card

The GIUDI CARD, hereinafter "Card", allows the Cardholder to obtain an accumulation discount and to participate in loyalty programmes and campaigns promoted by the Issuer (see attachment A).

The Card is nominative. The Cardholder is entitled to only one Card and is obliged to use it exclusively for private, non-commercial use.


3) Issue of the Card

The Card is issued completely free of charge, subject to correct and complete completion of the subscription form. Failure to fill in the form, incomplete or untruthful, will make it impossible to issue or revoke the Card itself. The Cardholder also undertakes to notify the Issuer of any changes to his/her personal data.

The card may be requested and collected at one of the Giudi points of sale participating in the initiative, which can be consulted in the regulations,

The data provided by the Data Controller will be processed by the Issuer in accordance with the provisions of the legislation on the protection of personal data as specified in the relevant Information Notice provided pursuant to art. 13 of European Regulation 2016/679.


4) Use of the Card

In order to take advantage of the benefits related to the Card, it is necessary to present the same or provide the data issued at the time of registration to the programme as recognition at the time of payment for the services/products purchased from the Issuer. An identity document may also be required.


5) Loss, damage, theft, manipulation, counterfeiting or malfunctioning of the Card

In the event of loss, damage or theft of the Card, the Cardholder must promptly notify the Issuer, which, after checking the Cardholder's identification data, undertakes to cancel and replace the old Card with a new one and to credit the latter, within the necessary technical time, with any benefits accumulated and not used.

The Issuer reserves the right to verify the validity of the Cards presented and to reject those that are counterfeit or in any case subject to manipulation.

The Issuer is not responsible for any fraudulent, improper or abusive use of the Card.

The Issuer is not responsible for any consequences, direct or indirect, connected to malfunctions of the Card and of the systems for its management not depending on its own will. In any case, the Issuer undertakes to do everything possible to guarantee the Cardholders the recovery of any accumulated and unused benefits.


6) Cancellation and return of the Charter

Card holders are considered members of the programme from the moment of their registration, as long as they do not spontaneously request to be deleted from the programme by sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to Pelletterie GIUDI s.r.l., Via R. Sanzio, 1/A - 62010 Morrovalle (MC), specifying on the envelope "Cancellation Loyalty Card". The cancellation request must be accompanied by the return of the Card.

The return implies the renouncement of any benefits that may be accumulated and not used.

Renunciation of participation in the programme can be expressed at any time, with immediate effect and completely free of charge for the customer.


7) Validity and revocation of the Charter

The Charter does not expire, but the Issuer reserves the right to revoke it at any time and without prior notice if it is used fraudulently or incorrectly or in breach of these regulations.

Revocation shall result in the cancellation of the Charter and the cancellation of any benefits accumulated and not used. The Issuer reserves the right to request the return of any benefits acquired unlawfully (points, premiums, discounts, etc.), as well as to take any legal action against the Cardholder himself.


8) Regulations

The signing of the Charter implies acceptance of the conditions set out in the Regulations.

The complete regulations can be consulted in the points of sale participating in the initiative, on the website, or requested as a copy without additional charge from the promoting company Pelletterie GIUDI s.r.l., Via R. Sanzio, 1/A - 62010 Morrovalle (MC) where the regulations will be kept for the entire duration of the initiative.

Any modification and/or integration, if any, made to the regulations by the promoting company, will be brought to the attention of the interested parties with adequate information. Any changes and/or additions will not, in any case, result in an infringement of the rights acquired by the participants in the initiative.


Annex A


Initiative Regulation


1) Nature of the Initiative

Discount application.


2) Recipients of the Initiative

The initiative is completely free of charge and is intended exclusively for the holders of the Loyalty Card, hereinafter "Card", issued by Pelletterie GIUDI s.r.l., hereinafter "Promoter".


3) Territorial scope of the Initiative

The initiative is valid in the following Giudi shops:



Via Principale, 20

39025 Naturno (BZ) ITALY

Ph. +39  0473664109



Via Portici, 359 

39012 Merano (BZ) ITALY

Ph. +39  0473270114  



Via Città Nuova, 19

39049 Vipiteno (BZ) ITALY

Ph. +39  0472760308



Piazza Principale, 4

39052 Caldaro sulla strada del vino (BZ) ITALY

Ph. +39  0471965326



Piazza Parrocchia, 2/A 

39042 Bressanone (BZ) ITALY

Ph. +39  0472801783 


• GIUDI SHOP “Factory Store” 

Via R. Sanzio, 5/A 

62010 Morrovalle (MC) ITALY

Ph. +39  0733865496




4) How the Initiative is carried out

 4.1) Accumulation discount


From expense

To expense


Discount Application mode

€     0,00

€      400,00

  3 %

Immediate discount and on subsequent purchases

€ 400,01

€      600,00

  5 %

Immediate discount and on subsequent purchases

€ 600,01

€      800,00

  7 %

Immediate discount and on subsequent purchases

€ 800,01

€ 10.000,00

10 %

Immediate discount and on subsequent purchases


4.2) Direct discount on e-shop

For purchases on the GIUDI e-shop the accumulation discount (point 4.1) is not applied but a direct discount of 10% on the price of the product is applied.


4.3) Events

10% discount, valid on a single purchase, valid for ten days from the day of your birthday, the discounted amount participates in the "Accumulation discount" initiative (point 4.1)


4.4) Promotions

During the year the company can promote promotions that will be communicated by e-mail or sms.


5) Applicability

The various discounts and promotions are also applicable on sale and promotion items


6) Duration of the initiative

The discount percentage is applied based on the total purchases in the last three years from the current purchase date.


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